This campaign represents the Scottish community, both in Scotland and worldwide. The campaign will represent the entire Scottish community including individuals, groups, businesses and charities.

Scottish People

All people that consider themselves Scottish, whether residing in Scotland at present or not. These people are clearly at the core of the community and are the life blood of the culture of Scotland.

Residents of Scotland

People who have moved to Scotland and now consider it their home. Those living in Scotland who were born elsewhere are also part of the community and will be allowed to make use of the dotSCOT domain name.

Speakers of Gaelic and Scots Language

Having a dotSCOT community will provide a space on the internet where Scottish languages and culture can flourish. This was clearly observed by the Catalan community following the introduction of the .CAT domain name.

Scottish groups abroad

The dotSCOT domain can be utilised by Scottish communities which exist around the world, enhancing their ability to pass on the heritage and culture of the Scottish nation.

Scottish charities

Charities based in Scotland will have the opportunity to emphasise their Scottish base.

Scottish businesses and trade associations

Businesses and trade associations based in Scotland will be able to stand out as being supportive of the Scottish community.

Scottish government, councils and public bodies

As our representative bodies, we see these groups as having a clear wish and need to make use of a .scot domain in their representation of the people of Scotland.

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