Having a dotSCOT domain available for the community of Scots worldwide will not only benefit the domain owners, but will benefit Scotland as a whole.

Increased awareness of Scottish culture and language

A dotSCOT domain will provide a global medium for the promotion of Scottish culture and language. Any group, anywhere in the world, that promotes the culture and language of Scotland as its primary purpose, will have the right to use a dotSCOT domain. dotCAT, the top level domain for Catalan saw a significant increase in the number of websites promoting the Catalan language and culture following the introduction of their top level domain.

Improved Scottish Tourism

Scottish hotels, special events and other tourist attractions will be able to clearly identify themselves as being a Scottish business. This is likely to attract more business directly to their website and, in turn, to Scotland, as tourists search for local knowledge.

Better International Recognition for Scotland

A unique Top Level Domain will allow Scotland as a whole to benefit from the increased recognition of its identity on a worldwide stage.

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