There are a number of benefits of using a dotSCOT domain name, whether in conjunction with existing names or .com names, or as a stand alone domain name.

Key Names Available

Key domain names command high prices as they are seen as a crucial element in the marketing of any business. The ability to buy a dotSCOT domain opens up an array of new opportunities for all Scottish businesses to enhance their advertising and marketing both online and offline.

Improved Search Engine Results

In addition, search engines are likely to return a dotSCOT domain before other similar domains for searches in Scotland, as they will be deemed more relevant.

Enhancing Global Business

Many businesses trade on their Scottish identity. Whisky producers, for example, benefit greatly from trading on their Scottish origins. A dotSCOT domain name would help the global prominence and marketing of these companies.

More Local Business

Most people would prefer to buy locally, whether to minimise the environmental impact, or to support local business. Being able to clearly identify yourself as being Scottish (via the dotSCOT domain name) will increase sales to other Scottish individuals and businesses.

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