Scotnom established to deliver Scottish internet domain


Today we are delighted to announce the creation of Scotnom Ltd. This follows the announcement by ICANN in June 2008 that it was going to allow applications for new gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains). Scotnom Ltd has been established, by its directors and supporters of a .scot name, to handle an application and to operate the Registry should the bid be successful.

"There is little doubt that a top level domain name would be of great benefit to the Scottish community in a variety of ways. Whether from a business, profile raising, social or cultural perspective, the advantages are great and varied. For too long those companies and organisations who are committed to a future in Scotland and within the Scottish brand have been unable to find an additional outlet to express this to the global community. The .scot domain name is one such answer."

David Towers, Chief Executive

Scotnom ltd is a private enterprise. We are apolitical, and as such we are not motivated by policy matters. Rather our focus is on using the technology that already exists to Scotland?s advantage. We feel that not only do we offer the technical expertise to develop a robust bid, but through our approach to securing significant commercial backing, we can achieve the funding levels required to deliver a successful bid. We see Scotnom?s role as one of partnership and collaboration with the Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament and all sectors of the Scottish Community at home and abroad, in order to ensure the bid is successful at ICANN next year.

Concurrently, as a private enterprise we would be eliminating the financial risk to the Government in the event the bid should fail. Additionally, we have pledged that 10% of our annual future profits would be presented to Scottish Charities, thus this really is a huge opportunity to enhance Scottish Society in a multitude of ways.

Our official public campaign will launch in April 2009.