Listed below is some of our latest news. We will update this page periodically, so please come back often.

  • dotSCOT misses out on early review

    A lottery has been held to determine what order the applications will be reviewed in, allowing some names to possibly be available in 2013.

    However, dotSCOT was drawn in 1,453, so it's likely to be at least 2014 before dotSCOT will be abilable, if not later. 

  • dotSCOT has only one application


    The full list of submissions for new internet address endings has been published by the global organisation co-ordinating the expansion.

    There was only one applicaiton for dotSCOT, which simplifies and steramlines the application process for the dotSCOT top level domain.


  • Application for dotSCOT in 2012

    This week in Singapore, ICANN announced that the application process has now been finalised and that applications for new top level domains will commence in January 2012.

  • Scottish Government Prefer Not-For-Profit Campaign Group

    We are continuing our discussions with the Scottish government, and have been advised that they are not willing to support a for-profit solution.

    We have offered to work with them to develop a not-for-profit solution to ensure that Scotland and the Scottish people get a strong dotSCOT internet presence.

  • dotSCOT Facebook Group launched

    Continuing to build support for the dotSCOT campaign, we have now launched a dotSCOT Facebook group.

  • dotSCOT Support Grows

    Support for the dotSCOT campaign is continuing to grow with an increase of visits to the website and people registering their support.  Since the website went live just two weeks ago, there has been a steady stream of online interest in the campaign.

  • Key Politicians Pledge Support for the dotSCOT campaign

    The dotSCOT campaign was successfully launched at the SNP Spring Conference in Glasgow, with many delegates including MSPs, councillors and delegates all registering their support.

  • dotSCOT campaign to launch at SNP Spring Conference

    The dotSCOT campaign will be soft launched at the SNP Conference on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th April, with subsequent national roadshows and a heightened media drive commencing when the campaign is formally launched in June 2009. 

  • Scotnom attend International ICANN Meeting

    Scotnom demonstrate their commitment to delivering a successful bid by travelling to Mexico City for the 34th International Public ICANN Meeting. 

  • First Minister supports dotSCOT campaign

    Scotnom welcomes the public endorsement of the dotscot campaign by the First Minister of Scotland.

  • ICANN publishes draft application procedures

    This week, ICANN issued the draft procedures for applying for a generic Top Level Domain (gTLD). The procedures, while still in draft, provide a good understanding of how the process will work, especially where two groups apply for similar names.

  • Scotnom established to deliver Scottish internet domain
    Today we are delighted to announce the creation of Scotnom Ltd. This follows the announcement by ICANN in June 2008 that it was going to allow applications for new gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains). Scotnom Ltd has been established, by its directors and supporters of a .scot name, to handle an application and to operate the Registry should the bid be successful.