• Who will be able to apply?

    We plan to make the domain names available to Scots worldwide as well as anyone living in or running an organisation in Scotland.

  • How much will the names cost?

    The names will be sold via ICANN accredited registrars.  As each registrar sets their own pricing policies, it is not easy for us to say how much they will charge, but you can expect a range of prices depending on what other services the registrar offers you.

    However, as with .com and .co.uk names, the price at the beginning is likely to be higher until there is a clearer guideline on the number of names that will be sold.

  • How will you stop someone using my Trademark?

    During the sunrise period, trademark holders will be invited to register their trademarks before others are allowed to register a domain name.

    If you want to be informed when this period starts, please register your support and we will keep you updated.